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Raag Naad Journey

Explore the Power of Raag Naad

Book Raag Naad Journey is written for music lovers worldwide as an essence of the vast treasure of Sikh musicology – Gurmat Sangeet. It has information on Raags, Naad, Sikh heritage instruments, and Taals along with the actual Raag melody composition. This Raag melody is named Gurmat Raaganjali, which is composed in chronological sequence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Raags and gives a glimpse of centuries-old original compositions, with details of all 31 Raags and prime Taals used in a composition. It provides a flavor of the transcendent dimension of the music which is the primary and essential nature of the existence of Naad. This grand composition is presented as a divine offering and hence named – Raaganjli. The goal is to give information to the readers about the basics of Gurmat Sangeet, all string instruments used in Gurmat Sangeet, 31 main Raags, and Taals along with all details of the composition so anyone can refer to this book and learn and play this composition. This composition can be played on any instrument, solo, or with an orchestra. Details of the melody of compositions for each Raag are provided in both Indian and western symbol music notations. Along with the music notation, there is also information on Taals and BPM. Gurmat Sangeet's 31-Raags Raaganjali composition has been recorded using various Sikh heritage string instruments and is provided along with the book. Refer to the QR code on the last page to access the composition. Every Raag is accompanied by a verse from Gurbani written under that Raag title with meaning in English. Those verses are chosen that talk about raag itself or are common in singing. 


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